Design Contests and Crowdsourcing

The below link was shared by Anna in regard to a logo contest being held on 99designs:

Over the last year (maybe a bit longer) there has been a lot of discussion about sites like 99designs that allow people and companies to put up their requests for design work in the form of a contest. The general sentiment in the design community is that this type of practice undermines the profession. It allows companies and individuals to essentially get a logo design or another design project for very little money. This practice is called “Crowdsourcing” and it allows the company or individual to go with the design of  lowest bidder or the “winner” of the contest. This practice really devalues the work we do as designers and promotes the realm of mediocre design.

I think Crowdsourcing is here, at least for the time being, but would like to encourage you my dear students to value your work, and not give it away unless for some noble cause.

Here is a link to some of my posts about this practice. There you will also find links to several other articles on the topic.

Here are the links:


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