Midterm Project File Upload Demo

How to export your midterm project as JPG.

First, create a folder named Midterm Project. In that folder, make a new folder and name it JPGs

1) In Photoshop, turn on each layer folder representing each of your pages separately
2) Go to File>Save As Web & Devices
3) Click on 4 -up tab in the new window, and click on GIF and change it to JPEG, and then save
4) At the Save screen: navigate to your Midterm Project folder, then select the JPGs folder.
5) Click Save

How to import your jpg to your Blog:

1) Go to your class blog and then create New Post
2) Click the square button in the new post area
3) Choose Select Files and navigate to your JPGs folder
4) Select all your files
5) Choose Upload
6) Click “Show” by your Index.jpg file
7) Choose Center for alignment
8 ) Choose Full Size (Not Thumbnail, and no larger than 600ish x 500ish)
9) Click “Insert into post.”
10) Hit Return key
11) Repeat steps 6-10 for your remaining pages inserting them in the proper order of your navigation:
Example: Index | About | Work | News | Contact


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